Grill Bar restaurant, located in Jerusalem, is certified as strictly Kosher [glatt/chalak Beit Yosef], in accordance with stringent Jewish law, by the Orthodox court of justice.
The restaurant’s menu offers a wide variety of fine meats, fish, barbequed skewers, home-cooked food, an assortment of side-dishes, and 13 different types of house salads (appetizers). The restaurant is designed so as to provide a pleasant atmosphere with wooden tables, warm lighting, wine bottles in wall-niches, and other elements which give the establishment a special ambiance.

Grill Bar offers you her space in order to host smashing events of up to 110 guests. The venue has a private room which is suitable for different occasions such as birthdays, brises, business meetings, conferences, and more. A generous menu will be served throughout the event. In addition, Grill Bar offers catering-services to whoever wishes to host a special event of a high order at his home, at agreeable prices.
Events should be coordinated ahead of time and the planned number of guests should be provided.

Worthwhile and varied business specials are offered in the restaurant from 12:00 – 17:00PM.

The restaurant offers a delivery service for those who wish to enjoy our delicious meals at home

VIP Rooms for every event

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